October 8, 2012
2 years, 10 months and 7 days since
our Reunion.
October 5 - 8, 2012
October 5 - 8, 2012


Although this website will be going down on August 16, 2015, you will still be able to look at most of it by going to Internet Archive Wayback Machine and entering the "bellhigh50th.ca" URL.  Various snapshots of the website were taken with the first one being December 25, 2008.  Enjoy!

Bruin signs courtesy of Peter Ruddy
Bruin signs courtesy of Peter Ruddy
2012 marked the 50th Anniversary of the opening of Bell High School, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada!  To celebrate we held a 50th Anniversary Reunion.  By all accounts the 1000+ that attended had a great time.
To see what the Reunion Steering Committee is doing with the funds remaining after all the bills were paid, click here.
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Over 1800 students, faculty and staff have "Checked In" with us and you can see them on the "Who's Checked In?" page!

Special thanks to Richard Ye  (Bell High student  2007 – 2011) who designed, built and operated our former website. Thank you Richard and all the best to you in your future studies!

We would like to thank Mary-Lou Coulter (Bell High student 1968 - 1972) for developing our original Anniversary Reunion Logo.

Local Ottawa music group "Connected", featuring Dave Rome, Paul Kasouf, Peter Smith, Robin Mallory and Greg Waite, all former Bell students and Dave's daughter Sarah produced a song called "Renewed" and donated it to the Reunion.  Click on the title for a listen.  Thanks "Connected"!  Dave and the group have produced a new piece that's been entered into a CBC music contest.  To check it out, click here.

If you have any questions about our 2012 reunion, feel free to Contact Us however now that the reunion is over, replies may take some time.
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